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Walnut Hollow 41992 Creative Woodburner Wire Tip Wood Burning Tool

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History Price Date
Lastest $69.99 February 19, 2019
Highest $99.99 November 30, 2018
Lowest $69.99 February 19, 2019
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History Price Date
Lastest $63.13 February 03, 2019
Highest $90.49 December 10, 2018
Lowest $63.13 February 03, 2019


Are you looking for a top quality Wood burning tool at a great price? The new Creative Wood burner from Walnut Hollow should be your choice. All wood burning skill levels can use this tool. Beginners can learn the art of wood burning and become intermediate artists who can expand their techniques and skills. Experts and professionals will love the ease of use and the results from using this product. This affordable, sleek looking tool has many features found on higher priced models such as wire points (tips) that offer greater accuracy and quick & easy point changing. Wire points heat up faster and maintain their high temperature consistently during contact with wood surfaces. Use for advanced, detailed work as well as general wood burning techniques. The 4 points cool down extremely fast, allowing the user to change out points efficiently and get back to work faster. The slim, comfortable handle is easy to hold and is attached directly to the stable, non-slip power base. Use the included tool stand to safely hold the tool when not in use. The set comes complete with the adjustable temperature control unit, pen, 4 quick change points (Drawing Point, Universal Shading Point, Ball Point and Rounded Shading Point), tweezer tool for easy point removal, tool stand, graphite transfer paper, and inspiration guide with instructions. The Creative Wood burner is UL approved for use in USA and Canada. The tool is only recommended for countries using 120 Volts electricity.


An affordable wood burning tool great for all levels of experience with quick change wire points (tips)
The four included Points are Drawing Point, Universal Shading Point, Ball Point and Rounded Shading Point
Raise your artwork to a higher level with greater control over the temperature, the burn depth and line color
Use the special tweezers to remove and replace the points to avoid damage to the tips or potential injury
Temperature range is approximately 600°F to 1000°F; always use the included safety stand


Walnut Hollow
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