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Plackers Gentleslide Flosser, 90-Count

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History Price Date
Lastest $2.99 February 01, 2019
Highest $4.08 September 07, 2018
Lowest $1.79 January 11, 2019
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History Price Date
Lastest $2.99 June 18, 2018
Highest $2.99 June 18, 2018
Lowest $2.99 June 18, 2018


Plackers Brand Gentleslide dental flossers are manufactured with PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) fiber floss. High-Performance PTFE Super Resistant fiber floss gently slides between teeth to remove unwanted and unsightly food debris providing a seamless user experience time after time. In this day and age, who has time for traditional flossing? And not the mention the amount of floss that is wasted compared to the amount that is actually used. Plackers innovative Gentleslide flosser picks make flossing an absolute breeze, not to mention the added hygiene benefits for those with sensitive teeth. Our super resistant floss gently slides between your teeth for a deeper cleaning. The end of handle provides a tartar toothpick which is also convenient for removing plaque and food debris. Without a doubt, the minty flavored floss always leaves your mouth feeling refreshed and super clean. Gentleslide dental flossers are great when you’re on the go and don’t have your toothbrush, toothpaste, and a sink readily available. Throw a pack in the car, leave one in the top drawer of your desk at the office, keep one in your purse or hand bag, backpack or travel bag and of course in a cup on the vanity of your bathroom. Plackers Dental Flossers will always be the best and most reliable source for flosser picks, get yours today.


Tartar pick gently removes plaque and trapped food debris.
Cool mint flavor for a fresh, clean feel.
Super slippery floss resists to prevent from snapping or stretching.


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