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Massage Roller - Deep Tissue Massager for Your Muscles & Back, Massage Stick, Smooth Massage Ball, Spiky Massage Ball. Sports Massage Therapy

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History Price Date
Lastest $ December 15, 2018
Highest $ December 15, 2018
Lowest $ December 15, 2018
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History Price Date
Lastest $34.95 October 13, 2018
Highest $34.95 October 13, 2018
Lowest $29.95 October 11, 2018

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Deep Tissue Massage Roller Kit 5 in 1 X-Large 18" Deep Tissue Massage Roller, Massage Stick, Smooth Massage ball, Spiky massage ball and carry bag. Physical Therapy, Deep Tissue Trigger, Pain Relief, Myofascial Release, Balance Exercise, yoga


<B>5 in 1 Deep Tissue Foam Roller Kit<B> Deep tissue rollers are great for muscles , releasing tension at the trigger point , for myofascial release
<b>18" Deep Tissue Roller<b> Backrollers improve blood flow and circulation to speed up injury recovery, increase flexibility , and reduce pain and inflammation
<b> Massage Stick<b> Target tight muscles around joints, legs, arms elbows and areas that need release
<b> Smooth Massage Ball<b> Relieve stress and tension from tight areas on your foot neck arms
<b>Satisfaction Guaranteed: 100% SATISFACTION MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE.<b>


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