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Neo40, Daily Heart and Circulation Support, Nitric Oxide Formula, Dietary Supplement, Quick Dissolve 30 Tablets

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Lastest $43.10 March 14, 2019
Highest $53.99 December 10, 2018
Lowest $29.00 December 29, 2018
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History Price Date
Lastest $29.00 December 29, 2018
Highest $34.83 September 10, 2018
Lowest $29.00 December 29, 2018


Scientifically formulated for adults over 40, HumanN Neo40 Daily Heart and Circulation Support Nitric Oxide Boosting Supplement may help your body produce the nitric oxide you need for better circulation. Daily use may help boost nitric oxide in your body for healthy circulation and heart health. Created by HumanN based on exclusive patents licensed from the University of Texas Health Science Center, this proprietary, patented formula may help support healthy blood pressure levels. An alternative to traditional diets and l-arginine supplements, Neo40 may help promote increased circulation throughout the body and support overall cardiovascular health. Take 1-2 tablets daily (12 hours apart) during the first 30-45 days. After this phase, take only one tablet daily. This pack contains 30 chewable/dissolvable tablets.


PROPRIETARY NITRIC OXIDE SUPPLEMENT:, One-of-a-kind and patented, Neo40 is a daily supplement that helps to rapidly produce Nitric Oxide in your body, as well as supports the body's ability to produce its own N-O over time.
BOOST'S NITRATE PATHWAY: Neo40 is formulated to boost the efficiency of the body's nitrate pathway so that more Nitric Oxide is available when and where it's needed.
HELPS KEEP NITRIC OXIDE AT OPTIMUM LEVELS: May help promote healthy blood pressure levels,Cardiovascular and heart health and Increased circulation throughout the body
FULL SPECTRUM: This Reishi has all of the forms present - Mycelium and Fruitbodies.
Each tab contains 420mg of our patented Nitric Oxide blend, with added vitamin C and B12.


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