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Costa Farms Live Ugly Christmas Sweater Christmas Tree, 18 to 20-Inches Tall, Decorated with LED Fairy Lights and Ornaments, Fresh From Our Farm

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Lastest $27.29 December 07, 2018
Highest $38.99 November 05, 2018
Lowest $27.29 December 07, 2018
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Lastest $55.64 December 21, 2018
Highest $55.64 December 21, 2018
Lowest $27.29 December 07, 2018


If you are planning the ultimate ugly Christmas sweater party or attending one, The Costa Farms ugly Christmas sweater Norfolk Island Pine Christmas tree is perfect for decorating or gift-giving; This adorable Medium size live tree is decorated with its very own ugly Christmas sweater planter, red glossy ball arrangements, Reindeer Topper, & mini LED fairy lights (Batteries included), & a small amount of plant-safe glitter to start your holiday decorating. Great as a gift or for your own home, Norfolk Island Pines feature feathery, pine needle-like leaves that work to purify the air all year long. A seasonal centerpiece that's ideal for smaller spaces, The Norfolk Island Pine tree (Araucaria heterophylla) is great for decorating as a Christmas tree. With time, The Norfolk Island Pine can grow into a stately tree that will add elegance to your home or office All year round. Small to Medium, young Norfolk Island Pines are ideal for decorating mantels, tabletops & desks, while large plants are great for filling bright corners, flanking furniture, or as a stunning standalone focal point. An ideal choice for beginners, this easy-care tropical houseplant thrives with only regular watering & Medium light. Native to the South Pacific, this tropical plant is not cold hardy & will not tolerate temperatures below 35° F (1° C). when shipped, the Medium size measures 18 to 20-Inches tall. Our growers hand pick the healthiest, best-looking, highest-quality plants. We package our plants for shipment with great care so they'll arrive at your home ready to be displayed. We're unable to ship this item to: AK, AZ, CA, gu, hi. Passionate about plants: Our plants come in pots for all decorating needs: shelf size (7-14 in. Tall), tabletop (16-24 In), & floor (24-48 in.). Look for Costa Farms when buying plants online. Be aware of third-party sellers; other companies try to imitate our quality. On Amazon, there are no other authorized Costa Farms sellers. Look for ships from & sold by Costa Farms to ensure you’re getting our premium plants. Shipped fresh from our farm to you, Costa Farms is passionate about delivering happy, healthy, beautiful plants. Send us your feedback at [email protected] Costa Farms plants are not intended for human or animal consumption. Keep out of reach of children & pets.


The ultimate ugly Christmas sweater party gift or decoration; This adorable Medium size live Norfolk island pine Christmas tree is decorated with its very own ugly Christmas sweater planter, ornaments, and a reindeer topper. The ugly Christmas sweater planter is made from a sweater-fabric material featuring Santa and his reindeers.
Easy-to-grow houseplant with feathery, needled branches; ideal for festive, Mini LED fairy lights to add just the right touch of magic to your holiday decorations; batteries included
Thrives with regular watering and Medium light; can be placed indoors or outdoors (When there is no danger of frost)
When mature, this slow-growing tropical plant can grow to 5 feet tall or more; Helps to purify the air
Plant Height at shipping is 18 to 20-Inches tall, measures from the bottom of the pot to the top of the plant


Costa Farms
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