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Continental Elite 4060882 Poly-V/Serpentine Belt

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History Price Date
Lastest $37.29 December 13, 2018
Highest $37.46 September 16, 2018
Lowest $21.93 November 26, 2018
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History Price Date
Lastest $25.91 December 08, 2018
Highest $28.17 June 25, 2018
Lowest $20.94 December 03, 2018

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Continental Elite Poly-V / Serpentine Belts take performance to the next level with Quiet Channel Technology, making the belt run quieter and last longer. The combination of a unique staggered "helicog" profile with advanced EPDM rubber compounds virtually eliminates the chirps, squeaks, and squeals typically associated with pulley misalignment. Advancements in design and materials give you the highest performance, low maintenance, and proven results – with no exceptions. The polyester tension member is specially treated to reduce elongation and is very compatible in the drive with automatic tensioners used today. The same advanced technology that makes these belts run so quietly also increases flexibility, abrasion, and heat resistance. That means you get a longer lasting, maintenance-free belt drive. Meets or exceeds SAE J1459 specs.


Goodyear Engineered Products are now branded Continental Elite
Quiet channel technology features unique staggered-cog profile and advanced rubber compounds to reduce chirps and squeaks
High-strength tension members allow greater wear resistance
Quiet channel technology increases flexibility, abrasion, and heat resistance to last longer
Designed for quiet performance, constructed for high efficiency
Precision engineered and tested
Provides height strength with shear resistance
Easy installation
Meets SAE specifications
Made from quality certified material


Continental Elite
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