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Carex Bed Buddy Heat Pad And Cooling Neck Wrap - Microwave Heating Pad For Sore Muscles - Cold Wrap Pack For Aches and Pain

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Lastest $11.99 February 12, 2019
Highest $11.99 February 12, 2019
Lowest $7.75 January 20, 2019
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History Price Date
Lastest $10.95 February 12, 2019
Highest $11.88 February 11, 2019
Lowest $7.45 June 21, 2018


The Bed Buddy Hot & Cold Pack offers therapeutic moist heat and soothing cold therapy. The versatile Bed Buddy Hot & Cold Pack can be used for both hot and cold therapy or can be used as a warm compress or ice pack for injuries. It provides doctor recommended moist heat to help ease neck pain, sore muscles, aches, and pains. It easily conforms to the body, even when cold. Bed Buddy is both safe and simple to use and is filled with 100% natural grains herbs and flowers. It can be used as a natural alternative or compliment to over the counter drug treatments. Features of Bed Buddy: Doctor Recommended Moist Heat, Provides Hot & Cold Therapy, Flexible Form Fitting Design, Reusable Hot Cold Pack, Filled with 100% Natural Grains, Easy and safe, use as directed. Comes in original white color.


Contains (1) Carex Bed Buddy Heat Wrap / Cold Wrap. A microwave heating pad that provides moist heat. A flexible neck heating pad with a form-fitting design and a fabric cover. Filled with 100% organic material for neck pain & back pain relief.
The wrap is a heating pad for neck and shoulders as well as a cold pack for relieving aches and pains in muscles and joints. Wrap is a moist heating pad as recommended by doctors, a natural alternative or complement to OTC drugs.
The flexible form-fitting hot cold pack easily conforms to the shape of your body even when cold. Wrap the reusable wrap around sore joints or muscles for targeted therapeutic effect with the warming or cooling relief similar to electric heating pads.
Filled with 100% natural grains herbs & flowers, the hod pad / cold pad conforms to your body for targeted relief of neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, or back pain. Use the wrap for pain relief, neck warmer, or for a neck ice pack.
Bed Buddy, by Carex, has been a leading manufacturer of heating pads for back pain and microwavable heating pads. Trust Bed Buddy as a partner to assist you with neck pain relief or simply therapeutic relief from muscle pain.


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